Good afternoon Case-ies and a very happy Tuesday to you!

I am currently sitting in the jury lounge because I have jury duty and am very salty about it, especially after hearing some kid say on the phone, “yea I’ll probably have to stay and do like a murder in the 5th degree.”

What? This is civil court. And that is not a thing. Go home.


Anyway, last night we went to Urbana off DuPont Circle. Gorgeous spot with cozy booths and actually a pretty nice happy hour. I’m not sure if it was my fault for not saying we were there specifically for happy hour, but when I asked the server at our original booth what the specials were, he told me they were only available in the lounge. I felt bad, but of course I asked him to move us. I just wish that was more clear when we came in.

The specials were great! Carlene and I both had Bloody Marys with the $6 Absolute Cocktail specials and Sara had the white wine special, which I believe was $8. Why were we drinking breakfast drinks at night? Because we are grown ass women and we do what we want and I’m glad they did because they were perf. I like mine of the thicker and spicier side and this was definitely achieved.

They also have a great tapas menu at happy hour prices for munching. Sara and I split a dozen oysters for $12, I got marinated olives for $5, Carlene got calamari I think for $5 and Sara got a cute (bigger than we thought it would be) pizza for $8. My only complaint is to myself- girl, WHY would you order $5 worth of olives? They were great but who eats that? Not me I guess. And if you don’t like your calamari to have tentacles, don’t get it there. I’m weird and picky about that but Carlene seemed to enjoy them.

The service was a little spotty. We could NOT get our waitress to come back before 7, but she did still offer the happy hour prices for our little snackies and second round.

All in all, I’d give it a 4 out of 5. Great venue, great things were in my tummy, weird customer service.

Happy ALL of the hours,



Tono Sushi

platter_aMonday was the first official meeting of the Case Of The Mondays and Carlene picked Tono Sushi. Conveniently located right across the street from the Woodley Park Metro, I was really surprised that it wasn’t very crowded, although Carlene thought that it may have been due to the holiday, as it was packed the last time she’d been there.

I have only two complaints:

1. Pete and I had never been there before, for Happy Hour or otherwise, and we were a little confused about how the specials worked and what the drink specials were in general. Carlene and Sara told us where the sushi specials were on the menu and our waitress very pleasantly explained the drink specials when we asked, but IMHO specials should be pretty self-explanatory.

2. Carlene and Sara got there shortly after we did and waited forever before finally just asking for their menus. Seeing as had we were like 1 of 2 tables there, I still can’t figure that one out. However, our waitress was extremely attentive after that, bringing out our complimentary seaweed salads right away. (Yummy!!)

The sushi was absolutely incredible. Pete and I got a bunch of salmon-y rolls, shrimp tempura, and a crunchy oyster roll, our goal being to try new stuff. The crunchy oyster roll looked terrifying- it was huge and had a dab of BBQ sauce on it. Difficult to eat, but totally worth it and so delicious. The one thing we ordered that was kind of “meh” was the smoked salmon roll, which wasn’t bad but everything else was so great. There was literally nothing to it but the salmon and rice wrapped in kelp. I have to admit I have no idea what Carlene and Sara ordered because we were so involved with our own choices, but I do know it was SUPER sad when Sara dropped one of her rolls on the floor. Man down. Whoops. 😦

The value for the happy hour couldn’t have been better. Pete and I got the app, several rolls, and 300ml of house Sake each for a total bill around $32. I would totally go back. I feel super bad I didn’t pay so much attention to what the other side of the table ordered, but I know they liked it too. We just all got really involved with our own food.

And to quote Carlene, “I feel like you can’t go out for sushi with people you don’t like.”



El Centro

ImageThis post is actually like a post-post since it’s from like 2 weeks ago. Carlene and I hadn’t seen each other in a little bit and we decided to go to happy hour, keeping an eye out for a fun new place to try. El Centro was exactly that. $5 house margs from 4-11 on Wednesdays and a rooftop happy hour daily? DONE.

The Wisconsin location is where Third Edition used to be. What they did with the place was incredible. Lots of exposed wood and brick and dark and cozy. I wouldn’t quite say it was a date location, at least during happy hour, because it got sort of loud, but the atmosphere was fun! Our waiter was adorable and very personable and when he couldn’t get to us right away, someone else came over and got our drink orders. Wonderful service. Lopez, you are my man. Like any good Mexican restaurant, chips and salsa appeared. The salsa was INCREDIBLE but the chips were a little oily and not always crunchy. Definitely house made and yummy though. I didn’t end up getting any food, but I tried my Carlene’s and omg were the fish tacos incredible. As were the plantains, beans, rice… all of it. SO GOOD. I want to go back for their Mexican pizzas. Also to try their infused tequilas. The margs were wonderful, but I really want to try the strawberry basil, grilled pineapple, and cucumber melon infused tequilas. Rosemary was on that list as well until we asked Lopez what he thought of it and his face told the whole story. He recommended we try the spicy ones but that’s just not my thing.

I would definitely recommend El Centro for anyone in the District who’s up for exploring new places. Totally fun. Oh, one other thing I should mention (warn) is about the bathrooms. Over the sink, where there is normally a mirror, there is no mirror. There is no wall. You are looking directly into the mens’ room. Carlene made friends, I just scared this uptown beardy hipster and ran out. So that’s strange… but not something that ruined the experience by any means. In fact, the look of confusion on everyone’s face upon exiting the facilities only added to the fun atmosphere.